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Winter songs

Not truly poetic

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I'm Dai, at least that's my shortened name since my name tends to get ridiculously long when I'm spelling it out.

I'm half Japanese, and was raised there for a good part of my life, though I was raised semi-bilingual (you can't be raised fully bilingual in a society that only speaks one language). I have a twin sister, and I like to point that out whenever I can cause I love her and she's awesome. I'm also vegan along with my twin sister.

I'm a Gnostic Christian that doesn't believe in an all one creator god, though I do believe there is something close to how god is in the gnostic texts out there. I'm also bisexual, and part of a multiple system. I love music, particularly things like Anberlin and Mercy Me. I'm a bit of geek, I know.